All the characters, in order of appearance. Biographies updated after key events.

Dominic Engledew

A 24-year-old professional cyclist from Yorkshire, currently racing for his best friend’s cycling team.
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Liam Greene

Britain’s Greatest Ever Cyclist (maybe). Tall and handsome, and driven enough to have built an entire cycling team around himself at 24.
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Michael ‘Tex’ Collins

A 20-year-old professional cyclist. Dominic’s room-mate. Not particularly good at his job.
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Henri Giroud

A septuagenarian anglophile cycling commentator for TV4, and freelance writer for Cahiers du Cyclisme.
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Hudson Ivory

A former cyclist from South Africa, now directeur sportif for the Mashantucket Pequot cycling team. Obsessed with his public image.
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Lorenzo Arcuri

Liam Greene’s most trusted right-hand man.
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Bernard Larcque

France’s newest cycling sensation.
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Susan Hayes

A journalist for The Globe.
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Jonah Mcleod

Editor of The Globe, the UK’s worst newspaper.
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The Pauls

Sedgethorpe’s schoolyard bullies.
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Amanda ‘Amy’ Grass

The quiet girl in Dominic’s science class.
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Rich (from accounting)

Rides for Sedgethorpe Road Club. Works with Dominic’s mum.
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Dirty Dave

Dominic’s potentially untrustworthy riding buddy at Sedgethorpe Road Club.
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Dominic’s mum.
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A sports writer for The Globe.
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Nathan Sanderson

Senior copy editor for The Globe. Aggressive, with high profile experience and aspirations of power.
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Roland Petitcourt

Henri Giroud’s co-commentator at TV4.
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Nicholas Lyon

The owner and directeur sportif for the LaxRelief British cycling team.
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Ton Verstraaten

A former Belgian pro cyclist, and directeur sportif for the LaxRelief team.
All Ton chapters

Stephen McLoughlin

A cyclist on the LaxRelief team. Originally from Wirral, and his father was a British pro.
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John ‘Clarkey’ Clarke

A boisterous Scouse cyclist on the LaxRelief team.
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Joshua Collins

The CEO of a corporation with a triple-barreled name. Inclined to fund vanity projects; hence his ownership of the Globe.
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An ambitious Parisian police officer.
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Kalb’s supervisor.
All Perreault chapters


Henri Giroud’s long-term partner.
All Maude chapters

A Production Crew

A small company suddenly blessed with the good fortune of working with a true legend of the sport, Henri Giroud. If his name commanded any respect before meeting him, it certainly didn’t afterward.
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Rob Holmes

Former firefighter World Champion and minor celebrity. Rides with Dominic during his off seasons in Sedgethorpe.
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The Husband and Wife

A quiet former professional and his wife, who run a home for British cyclists in Belgium. Dominic lives with them after quitting the Stool Aid team in 2008.
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The press officer, and much more, for the Veiligstil Glas team.
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The directeur sportif, and much less, for the Veiligstil Glas team.
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Wesley Speksnjider

Dutch nephew of a Tour of Spain winner, riding for the Veiligstil Glas team.
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The odorous boy Dominic is paired with after being separated from Wes.
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Sikke Doktor

Wesley Speksnjider’s room mate in the absence of Dominic.
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The Head of Production

TV4’s head of production. Presumably he has a name.
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Henry de Beaumont

The first Earl of Warwick.
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The Druid

A Celtic druid who built the entire town of Pennard.
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Gwrach y Rhibyn

A Welsh banshee. Visits you in the rain, wearing ragged clothes and tapping on your window looking for her husband. Has hollow teeth to suck out your blood.
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A cow. Deceased.
All Bluebell chapters


Henri Giroud’s maman.
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Henri Giroud’s papa.
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Rhianwen Jones

Liam Greene’s new girlfriend. A successful model from Wales.
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A French superintendant.
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