Buy it

This is weird… after publishing a top secret run of books for the people who contributed to the project, we received so many requests to be able to buy copies that we looked into whether it was a feasible model. It sort of is, so there will be a limited run of Part One (2nd Edition) and Part Two (1st Edition) in December 2015. The complete book will be published in April 2016.

Ads and Sponsorship

We’re open to creative ideas. Or you can take over our banner ads, probably, if you’re not selling Cialis. Email opportunities@strikingthesun.com

Anything else?

Not really. There was a Patreon page we made while the site was a proof of concept, and we can’t work out how to delete it. It sure would be embarrassing for us if you went out of your way to find it and pledged a whole ton of money. We’d hate that.